Taekwondo     Club

 Children - Youth - Adults Programs

In our programs for children, youths, and adults, Sacramento Taekwondo Club emphasizes the value of a positive attitude. Parents of Taekwondo students often note their child's

*feeling of accomplishment
*heightened self-esteem
*success in schoolwork.

Adult students find that their success in Taekwondo training carries over into their professional and personal lives.

Sacramento Taekwondo Club offers Taekwondo instruction for:

White/Yellow Belt-
A student's first year of training includes instruction in basic kicks, blocks, stances, sparring, self-defense, and the history of Taekwondo.

Green/Blue Belt-Training includes instruction in intermediate level spinning and jumping kicks, open hand techniques, self-defense, competition level sparring and poomsae, and the history of Taekwondo. An age-appropriate essay journaling four months of independent practice is required for the rank of intermediate blue belt.

Red Belt- Training includes instruction in advanced level kicks, self-defense techniques, competition level sparring and poomsae, assistant instruction internship, oration of Taekwondo evolution, and a generativity project.

Black Belt- Training includes instruction in traditional weaponry, advanced self-defense, advanced forms, instructor skills, tournament management, referee skills, coaching skills, and competition level sparring and poomsae.

Competitive Team Training- includes core strength, coordination and agility development, competition technical skills, and strategy sessions for students who desire to compete at the international, national,regional and local level in sparring and poomsae.

Women's Self-Defense Series- Street, workplace, home, and car safety is taught in sessions that include self-defense and core strength, agility, flexibility training. This series may be organized for your employees,fellow staff members, or friends.

Kids' Self Defense- for elementary/middle school age children. Street, school, home and car safety focuses on using prevention and problem solving strategies instead of physical strength. Seminars for your school or organization may be arranged.