How to Become an STC Member

How to Become an STC Member

Sacramento Taekwondo Club is dedicated to promoting balanced human development. Through our Taekwondo curriculum, we teach students to develop a strong character that includes: self-discipline, self-respect, respect for others, focus, goal setting, sportsmanship, core strength, cardiovascular fitness, agility and flexibility. Our classes are taught in a positive, encouraging learning environment. Our students' growth is our primary priority.

In order to begin training at Sacramento Taekwondo Club, please arrange a meeting with Master Brand. This will give the two of you a great opportunity to discuss our program and make sure that it will be a good fit for you.

If everything is to your liking, Master Brand will ask you to complete the following paperwork:

1. Registration form (address, email, phone, insurance info, etc.)

2. USAT insurance form for a required secondary insurance policy

3. Image release form (to allow STC to use class/event photos, which include you, on our website and in promotional information.

Instruction Format

Our calendar year is broken into three cycles of instruction: February-June, June-October, October-February. During each cycle, students have an opportunity to learn the curriculum requirements for the next belt rank. For example, white belts will learn all of the kicks, blocks, stances, etc. for yellow belt. In order to learn all of the material, white belts must regularly attend class twice per week (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday). Yellow belts and all other higher ranks attend class three times per week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Friday).

The first class of the week focuses on kicking techniques and sparring strategy. The second class of the week focuses on Poomsae (patterns of techniques), self-defense, history and breaking. The third class of the week focuses on match strategy and sparring.