Sacramento Taekwondo Club History

Sacramento Taekwondo Club was founded by Barbara Brand in April. 1990. The first class was taught on June 1, 1990 during Natomas Racquet Club’s grand opening day celebration. On that day, many CSUHayward Taekwondo Black Belts came to demonstrate poomsae, breaking and weapons in front of a large audience. Following the demonstration, the Black Belts gave all interested audience members a fun lesson. It was a great lighthearted way to begin our club. From the very beginning, we had a dedicated group of enthusiastic students who set the tone for our club.

In August of 1993, Laguna Creek Racquet Club (Natomas Racquet Club's sister club) opened. On their grand opening day, we gave a big demonstration to a standing room only crowd. Many Laguna members joined our class during the first month, and we have had a strong program there ever since.

In November of 2000, we started a program at the Club at Natomas Park, the centerpiece of the Natomas Park community in North Natomas. No demonstration was necessary. Word of mouth whipped through the community, and our classes filled up quickly.

Since 1990, Sacramento Taekwondo Club has promoted 46 students to Black Belt, 16 students to 2nd degree Black Belt, and one student to 3rd degree Black Belt. During that same time period, our Head Instructor, Master Brand, has promoted from 3rd degree to 7th Degree Black Belt.